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Why should I choose a MyRain Sprinkler System?

There is an old saying – “You get what you pay for” – and truer words have never been spoken…especially when it comes to something as important as an automated lawn watering solution. Remember this; a sprinkler system is a complex network of pipes, valves, electrical connections and sprinkler heads. Once it is installed, it serves as the central circulation system for your entire property and it is connected to your water supply. Therefore, the design and installation of your sprinkler system is critical to its success and, ultimately, your health and satisfaction. It's a complicated process requiring a host of equipment, as well as a background in landscape design and hydraulics. This is why it's so important to have the professionals at MyRain Sprinkler Systems design and install your system.

When choosing a contractor, ask for references and professional affiliations. Be wary of those who offer to install your system for significantly less than other contractors. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Low bidders may not be properly licensed or insured and they often use substandard products and/or cost-cutting techniques that can jeopardize your lawn, shorten the life of your system, contaminate your water supply and ultimately end up costing you a lot more money and headaches in the long run.

Watch out for these commonly used tricks of the trade:

  • Not properly installing a backflow preventer – or including one at all - which must be installed by a licensed plumber and is required, by law, in most local building codes to protect your drinking water supply.
  • Installing sprinklers too far apart – this makes it impossible for certain areas to receive enough water and causes brown spots during the hot summer months.
  • Mixing sprinklers with different application rates on the same line, which causes one area to be over watered in order to sufficiently water another.
  • Not using special watertight connectors and a protective valve box to safeguard the electrical elements and guard against short circuits and prevent corrosion.

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